The undergraduate catalog year is determined by the academic year that you started at IUP. An academic year is comprised of semesters and termsfall semester, winter term, spring semester, and summer semester. For example, summer 2014, fall 2014, winter 2014, and spring 2015 are all part of Academic Year 2014-15.

What difference does it make which catalog year I entered the university?

This is a good question, as a continuing student you will be required to complete the Liberal Studies, major, college, and elective requirements of your chosen major as defined in the Undergraduate Catalog when you started at IUP. Liberal Studies requirements changed in recent years; major requirements may change during any given year. You must complete the requirements defined in the catalog year that you entered in order to be eligible to graduate.

Can you change catalog years?

In some situations changes can occur. The university recognizes that provisions must be made to prevent hardship to students already enrolled in programs if changes occur in specific or general program requirements. Students affected by changes in programs, policies, or regulations are therefore given the option of following those requirements that are in effect when the student was first enrolled in the program or those in effect at the time of expected graduation. However, the student cannot combine chosen elements of the two. Should a question of interpretation come about the student, the student's advisor, or both should petition the college dean for a decision about which requirements apply.

What if I change majors?

A student who changes majors will be governed by the requirements of the major and/or the college at the time of acceptance into the new major, without change of Liberal Studies requirements except as specified by the new major. Note also that when a minor is declared, the program requirements in place at the time it is added to your academic record are the requirements that must be met to complete the minor.

What if I am returning to IUP after a period of time away?

If you are returning to IUP after a period of time away, the program requirements may have changed. In these cases, students are often updated to the catalog year of their return. It is highly recommended that you speak with an advisor before selecting courses upon your return to assure what requirements need to be met.