A total solar eclipse will be visible in many cities across the United States on Monday, April 8. Allegheny, Armstrong, Indiana, and Jefferson counties will experience a partial eclipse between 2:00 and 4:30 p.m.

IUP classes, events, and work assignments will continue as scheduled on April 8 at all campuses and centers, but these safety guidelines should be followed:

  • It is not dangerous to be outdoors during an eclipse, but take care not to look directly at the sun.
  • It is never safe to stare directly at the sun for a prolonged period. The visible and infrared rays can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Note that the retina does not feel pain when it is being damaged.
  • During an eclipse—when the sun is partially hidden by the moon—there can be temptation to stare at it out of curiosity. This is very dangerous and, again, can cause permanent damage to the retinas of your eyes.
  • The only safe way to look at the sun during an eclipse is with specially produced eclipse glasses or an eclipse projector.
  • Sunglasses, even multiple pairs, do not protect your eyes.
  • Do not look at the sun through a camera lens, a telescope, binoculars, or any other optical device, even when wearing eclipse glasses.
  • The only time it is safe to look at an eclipse without eye protection is during the brief total phase, but Allegheny, Armstrong, Indiana, and Jefferson counties will not experience this; the closest totality will occur around Erie.

Information about the eclipse and eclipse safety is available on many websites, including the NASA website.

If you have questions or concerns about attending class, work, your internship, or any other event outside your residence, or if you have concerns about traveling around campus during the solar eclipse, please talk with your faculty member or supervisor.

If you need support, walk-in sessions are available at the Counseling Center, located in G31, Suites on Maple East, Monday through Friday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. No appointment is necessary during walk-in hours. You can also reach the Counseling Center at 724-357-2621 or by email at counseling-center@iup.edu. Another option for support is the Armstrong-Indiana 24-hour crisis line at 877-333-2470.