Sociology students in a classroom

Make a World of Difference with Your Knowledge of Human Behavior

Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior in groups, organizations, institutions, and social systems. By observing patterns of behavior you can decipher why human beings, institutions, and civilizations clash or cooperate. As a sociologist, your insights are invaluable to a wide range of professional fields.

Employment for sociologists is projected to grow about 15 percent through 2022 in part because there are so many ways to use your sociology degree. By developing these skills, you'll make a world of difference.

Why Sociology?

By mastering how and why human beings interact, sociologists also gain insights into the complex ways in which nations and global corporations relate. As a sociologist you have the skills to understand the urgent, ongoing changes within social systems and provide insights that can change destructive or inequitable arrangements.

The World Needs Sociology Majors

Every generation of sociologists gathers information about society's shifts and cultural debates so that government agencies, corporations, and human service groups can better assist the needs of people. Become part of the next generation that helps the world “change for the better.”

Expected Outcomes with an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology

The IUP sociology tracks guide you in the area of your greatest interest. Develop your research and assessment skills, work towards honing and applying your skills in a clinical setting, or prepare to enter the workforce with a better understanding of how social systems work. There are many viable paths to pursue.

  • Influence institutions and businesses with organizational insights that help people cooperate in the workplace.
  • Differentiate sociology from psychology so that you shape a knowledge base that is effective and valuable to employers.
  • Embrace a generous liberal arts focus that improves your ability to think critically about society's challenges.
  • Learn why a foundation in sociology has innumerable uses in areas such as gender studies, religion, criminology, and political science.

The IUP Difference

Mentoring. Your education doesn't stop when you leave the classroom. IUP sociology professors are chosen for the commitment to guide you through the exciting process of choosing and fulfilling a career. Furthermore, the mingling of undergraduate and postgraduate students gives you the kind of support and peer mentoring that can deepen knowledge and shape a career that matches your concerns and ambitions.

Statewide Networking. IUP sociology graduates primarily remain in the state once they have earned their degree. The campus relationships you develop may help you prosper in years to come.