Graduate Sociology students in a classroom

Expand Your Career Opportunities in Sociology with an Advanced Degree

Advanced studies in sociology broaden your career opportunities, improve your salary outcomes, and strengthen your skill set for understanding social behavior and systems.

Your ability to assimilate social theory and apply social research methods places you at the forefront with essential tools that are key to successful businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

MA in Sociology

The IUP Sociology master's program offers a professional learning environment for how to evaluate and manage pressing contemporary issues such as unemployment, family issues, addiction, and other social problems. With an applied focus, our program assists students to identify, analyze, and respond to interpersonal, organizational, and societal trends. Our core instruction on sociological theory, methods, and analysis prepares students for opportunities related to social research, doctoral studies, or teaching in the social sciences.

Students complete their studies through thesis and non-thesis options. Elective coursework includes internships and service learning opportunities. We prepare you for employment in government, human services, higher education, and social science research positions. Recent graduates have established careers in a variety of positions, such as researchers and directors in human services agencies.

The IUP Difference

Exceptional PhD Preparation. IUP alumni report that they were leaps and bounds ahead of their cohorts when they began their doctoral studies. The excellent faculty mentoring in the MA program made the difference.

Better than an MBA. When it comes to nonprofit and government agencies, the ALS PhD program curriculum and training has an advantage over the attributes of a traditional graduate business degree. This is excellent preparation if your wish is to move up the ladder in nonprofit and governmental organizations.

Evening Education. You may already hold a mid-career position and need flexibility. Our night classes allow you to fulfill the demands of a job while expanding your credentials.