Registering for Graduate Classes

Summer and Fall Registration

General Info

Registration is handled online using MyIUP. Students will need their Banner ID (the number appearing on the I-Card beginning with the @ symbol), normal Banner PIN, and an Alternate PIN that is assigned for each Fall and Spring term (note the exception to this for Summer Registration, described below). Current students obtain their Alternate PINs from their advisor. New students admitted for the next Summer/Fall will receive their Banner PIN and Banner ID in their acceptance packet from the School of Graduate Studies and Research and their Alternate PIN from SAHE with orientation information.

New First-Year Students: Summer Registration

Entering students should discuss their plans with the SAHE chairperson or their advisor, as those initial decisions will affect course-taking patterns throughout the program. Summer school courses for new students begin in the second Summer session (usually early July). Summer registration doesn't require the Alternate PIN, but, if students have not received information from the SGSR about registration, they will need to contact the SAHE chairperson. If you applied for Fall admission but wish to begin in the Summer, contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research to change your start term (

New First-Year Students: Fall Registration

Registration for Fall will be conducted for all new students during the Summer, upon notification from the department chairperson. Registration for this term must be delayed until then so the program can balance section enrollments and arrange convenient schedules of the students who will commute to IUP for classes from other assistantship sites. Until then, the required first-year courses will not appear on the SAHE schedule due to their “closed” status.