Army Nurse Corps

  • The Army Nurse Corps is open to current and future Indiana University of Pennsylvania Nursing majors.

    For more information, contact us at 1-800-IUP-ROTC or visit the Army Nurse Corps Homepage.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    This is a collection of frequently asked questions that nursing students may have about the Army Nurse Corps.
    Army Nurse Tradition
    The U.S. Army Nurse Corps was officially established by an act of Congress on February 2, 1901.
    Specialty Courses and Continued Education
    The Army Nurse Corps recognizes that earning your BSN is an achievement to be proud of, and the Corps is committed to providing educational opportunities.
    Nurse Summer Training Program
    You’ll report to an Army hospital for clinical training, working in areas like medical-surgical wards, intensive care units, and emergency departments.
    Advantages to Army Nursing
    The direct, hands-on experience you receive in ROTC training won’t be found anywhere else.
    Why Become an Army Nurse?
    As a ROTC Nursing student, you’ll be able to combine college electives in Military Science and an invaluable summer clinical experience with your regular Nursing program.