IACUC Memo to Investigators - Apr 2011

Dear investigators,

The IUP IACUC is pleased to offer this short memo as the first in what will be an irregular series of updates provided to IUP investigators by the IUP Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).


01) New FAQ for Investigators

A new 'Investigator FAQ' has been developed and is available on the IACUC web site. Aimed primarily at new investigators, it also may clarify some aspects of our function for you. It is our hope that it will be a useful reference for your student researchers as well - please make them aware of it.


02) Permit information for IACUC protocols

The IACUC 'protocol form' (the standard form which investigators must complete/submit in order to seek IACUC approval of a research project) has been updated, to reflect permit requirements (new section #14). Please use the new protocol form for any future submissions. In general, it is a good idea to always download the most recent version of the protocol form from the IACUC web site whenever you wish to make a new submission, as there are some small improvements to the protocol form planned.


03) 2011 USDA inspection passed

We recently passed our semi-annual USDA inspection, with no violations. This reflects the IACUC's careful action on your protocols, as well as your diligence in providing full descriptions of your proposed research. Thank you for your efforts.


As always, the IACUC is here to serve our IUP research community. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

IACUC web page: http://www.iup.edu/iacuc

Questions or concerns? Email them to iacuc-info@iup.edu