Please select the link below for the specific IACUC form needed:

New! PDF version of the IACUC blank protocol form

This is the primary form needed for new protocol submissions. Please let us know how the new PDF form works!

IACUC blank protocol form

This is the primary protocol document users must complete in order to obtain approval for animal uses in teaching or research.

IACUC protocol renewal request

Users can submit this form in order to request continuation of an approved animalprotocol.

IACUC protocol modification form

For use in requesting minor modifications to an already-approved protocol.

IACUCinstructor signature page

For use each semester in submitting instructor acknowledgement of IACUC-approved procedures in a class.

Animal husbandry Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template

For use in describing animal housing/breeding conditions and practices.

Animal housing user contact form

For use in identifying primary and secondary animal user contact information.

Post-approval monitoring (PAM) guidelines and checklist

For use in preparing for and assisting with a PAM inspection.