Forms for Centers and Institutes Directors

2016-17 C&I Goals Survey Use this Qualtrics survey to map out the goals for your center in consultation with other members of your center, key stakeholders, and the dean of your college. Survey must be completed by October 1, 2016.

C&I Change Form Used to request a change to the name or mission of a center or institute, or to redirect or close a center or institute.

Supplemental Payment Request Form Used to request payment for short-term services performed by IUP and non-IUP employees.

2016-17 C&I GrantCompetition Eligible activities include travel to present at conferences or meetings related to their Center or Institute, special projects completed by the Center or Institute that advance the mission of the unit, preparation of informational materials related to their Center or Institute, or other activities of importance to the work of the Center or Institute. Awards will be merit-based. Only one application per Center or Institute will be accepted.