Class registration for winter 2022–23 begins October 10 for all continuing students.

Spring 2023 class registration, with windows for different groups of students, takes place throughout October according to the schedule below.

To get ready for registration, students should:

  1. Visit MyIUP to check for any holds.
  2. Connect with their advisor to plan their schedule and get their alternate PIN.
  3. Be ready to register on the day their registration window opens and follow the detailed registration instructions.

Questions about registration? The Registrar’s website has full information on registering for classes, including information about waitlists, checking registration status, and more.

Students can also email the Registrar’s Office at or call them at 724-357-2217.

Registration Schedule for Spring 2023

All time appointments begin at 8:00 a.m.

Group Date

Veterans, Undergraduate

Monday, October 10

Veterans, Graduate

Monday, October 10

All Other Undergraduate Priority Groups

Tuesday, October 11

All Other Graduate Priority Groups

Tuesday, October 11

Freshman (0-29 credits) 

Wednesday, October 12

Graduate Students

Wednesday, October 12

Senior (90 or more credits)

Friday, Friday, October 14

Junior (60-89 credits)

Monday, October 17

Sophomore (30-59 credits)*

Wednesday, October 19