How To Do It:

If you attended IUP prior to 2000, an unofficial transcript is not available. Please order an official transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse.

In the current MyIUP portal,

  1. Sign in to MyIUP and click on the Academics page.
  2. Select unofficial transcript in the Academic Record section.unofficial transcript myiup academics tab

In the new MyIUP portal:

  1. Log in to MyIUP and go to Discover. Search for "Transcripts" and click on Order Transcripts.
  2. Click the Unofficial Transcripts button.

Continue in either portal:

  1. Select a transcript level from the dropdown menu, then select Submit.

    academic transcript option dropdown menu
  2. To regain access to your MyIUP account, reclaim your account.

  3. Save your unofficial transcript in a user-friendly format by pressing Control+P. Change the printer to PDF. Selecting Print will prompt you to save the file in a location of your choice. You can print this PDF document or send it electronically via an attachment.