Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the program of Master of Education in Literacy and Reading Specialist Certification.

How do I apply to the program?

Contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research or call (724-357-2222).

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How do I achieve candidacy status?

Candidacy status is awarded after you have completed 12 credits with a grade-point average of B or better.

Should courses be taken in a specific sequence?

Certain courses should be taken in a specific sequence:

  • LTCY 600 is the foundational course. It should precede LTCY 635, LTCY 644 (or be taken at the same time as 644 or 635), LTCY 701, LTCY 705, and LTCY 770.
  • LTCY 701 and LTCY 644 should precede LTCY 705.

Is it possible to transfer courses from another institution into the program?

Yes, it is possible to transfer up to six graduate credits into the program, providing those credits were taken within five years of the request for transfer, the course is equivalent to the course for which they will substitute, and a grade of "B" or better was earned in the course(s).

Students need to discuss the transfer with the Literacy program co-coordinators and submit a form to the graduate school requesting acceptance of the transfer credits. The form will describe the course that the student wishes to transfer and indicate the master's in Literacy course for which the transfer course will substitute. You must also provide an official transcript when the course is completed. Refer to "Transfer Credits" in the graduate catalog (six credits—five-year limit). If a student is already in the IUP program, transfer credits must be pre-approved.

Is it possible to substitute an IUP course for a course in the M.Ed. in Literacy program?

Under certain circumstances, it is possible to substitute some courses within the MEd in Literacy program. Before taking the course, students need to discuss the substitution with the Literacy Program co-coordinators and send a letter to the Graduate School requesting acceptance of the substitution. The letter should describe the course that the student wishes to substitute and indicate the MEd in Literacy course for which the substitution will count.

What procedures do I follow for graduation?

Apply online using the School of Graduate Studies and Research website.

How do I obtain my Reading Specialist Certification?

At (or near) the completion of your 27 credits for Reading Specialist Certification, you need to take the Praxis II test for Reading Specialists. Call the IUP Career Development Center for times and dates, 724-357-2235, or check online at the ETS website. Dates of tests and dates for registration are provided. There is one date every month. Then, complete the application for certification using TIMS (Teacher Information Management System).

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Is there a time limit for completing the program?

Yes, there is a five-year time limit for completing the program. However, students are expected to be continuously enrolled in courses.