Faculty Publications

George Bieger:

Valeri R. Helterbran:

Cathy Kaufman:

Crystal Machado:

Joseph Marcoline:

Robert Millward:

  • Millward, R. (2015). "Gettysburg's Lesson on Situational Leadership," School Administrator. January.
  • Millward, R. (2014) "Recruiting African American Male Teachers," Talk Magazine. Summer.
  • Millward, R. (2014) "The Life and Times of Linton Park." Indiana Life Magazine, May.
  • Millward, R. (2014) "I have something to say," School Administrator. April.
  • Millward, R. (2014)"Indiana Schools 150 years ago,"Indiana Life Magazine, January.

David Piper:

  • Federal Wage and Hour Laws (book)*
  • Pennsylvania School Business: A Guide for Educational Administrators (book)* *available from: the Pennsylvania Association of Business Officials, P.O. Box 6993, Harrisburg, PA 17112
  • Conflict Resolution and Human Resource Management in Dr. Steven Shiring's Professional Catering: The Modern Caterer's Complete Guide to Success in 2013.

Sue A. Rieg and Kelli R. Paquette:

Sue A. Rieg and Barbara A. Wilson:

Dr. Beatrice Fennimore

  • Fennimore, B.S. (2013). Honoring women who must raise their children alone (pp. 169-179). in Pattniak, J. (Ed.). Father involvement in young children's lives. Springer Netherlands.
  • Fennimore, B.S. & Goodwin, A.L. (Eds.). (2011) Promoting social justice for young children. Springer Netherlands.
  • Fennimore, B.S. & Henderson, J. (2011). Making ethical decisions within a diverse classroom. InRieg, S. & Paquette, K. (Eds.).
  • Striving for the perfect' classroom - Part II: Responsibilities beyond assessment and instruction. Hauppauge, NY: Nova.
  • Fennimore, B.S. (2014). Standing up for something every day: Ethics and Justice in early childhood classrooms. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

Dr. Thomas Frantz

  • "Education" in March 2014. The title is "The Bricks and Mortar Superintendency, How to Survive a Building Project."

Dr. Sue A. Rieg

  • Preschool staff members' perceptions of the implementation of a grant-funded program designed to combat childhood obesity: A Phenomenological approach. Education
  • Wilson, B., Rieg, S., & Brewer, H. (2013). Are teacher educators practicing what they teach?National Teacher Education Journal 6 (3), 5-15