University Printing Services

  • The Printing Center can help your department with all of its printing needs. From big to small, we can handle the process for you. All you need to do is submit a work order or call the us at 724-357-2583 to have the process started.

    Copying: Folger Hall

    The Folger Hall facility processes the high-volume copying requirements and related finishing. A work order is required at this location for service. Machines here are capable of producing materials from 8.5 × 11 to 11 × 17 originals on a variety of substrates. Transparencies, no tear paper, cover, and tab insertion can be processed. Electronic file transmission is available. Please contact the department at 724-357-2583 for further information relating to this activity.

    Course Packets

    Are you planning on having a course packet for your upcoming classes?

    The IUP University Printing Center is here for all your printing and copying needs, including course packet printing. We offer printing and copyright clearance services to instructors who use course packets in their classrooms. Get started on course packets.

    Copying: Sutton Hall

    The Sutton Hall facility is a convenience copying center for lower volume projects. The Center carries a limited selection of paper colors and is limited in finishing processes. Machines are capable of producing materials from 8.5 × 11 to 11 × 17 in size. Convenience copiers are available for clients who do not require operator assistance. A keypad account number will be assigned to those wishing to utilize this service.

    Press: Folger Hall

    A work order is required for this process. Our offset press at this facility are capable of producing a variety of publications in any quantity. We have the ability to provide offset printing in one-, two-, three-, and four-color process and can print up to and including 13.25 × 17.75 formats. Envelopes can be printed in any size from 4.25 × 5.75 up to 12.5 × 15.5. We will mix inks to match any color of the Pantone Matching System including fluorescent, metallic, and pastels.

    Bindery: Folger Hall

    This is the finishing process for materials. We can fold, score, perforate, stitch, collate, laminate, bind, drill, and shrink wrap your projects. A work order is also required for these processes.


    Sometimes, because of the quantity, urgent deadlines, finished size, special bindery considerations, or many other particulars of your project, we will broker it for you. First, we will request quotes from various printing vendors to make sure you receive the lowest cost, but still not sacrificing quality. Then we will contact you with the cost for your approval before the job proceeds. You will receive proofs for your project before the job goes to print. This helps ensure you are going to receive your printing project the way you want it to look. All these steps ensures a smooth and timely process to your finished product.


    If you need to price any job, large or small, do not hesitate to contact the estimator, Toni Zanakis-Linta, with your questions at 724-357-2583 or


    We encumber your SAP number for work performed through the SAP system. Work performed by the Sutton Hall facility and convenience copiers is “lumped” together with the Folger Hall copiers, as a single cost per SAP user account. To obtain your keypad entry university ID user account, please phone the Folger Hall facility at 724-357-2583.