On May 6, 2021, Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Council of Trustees approved new meal plan options for students, reducing the cost of one meal plan and holding the line on costs for all meal plans. Prices have remained static since fall 2020.

“It's about more value for our students while keeping plans affordable,” IUP Vice President for Student Affairs Thomas Segar said.

Aramark will continue to provide services to IUP as well as to other State System of Higher Education universities.

On-campus student residents are required to participate in an on-campus meal plan.

Three meal plans will offer students $50 more in Flex dollars with no increase in the cost for the plan.

These plans with increased Flex dollars are plan 19F (19 meals a week plus $250 flex); plan 14F (14 meals per week plus $350 flex); and plan 10F (10 meals per week plus $350 Flex).

For plan 175F (any 175 meals for a semester), flex dollars will increase by $50, and the total number of meals per semester will increase by 10 with no increase to the meal plan fee.

The cost of the commuter meal plan 75F, which offers students 75 meals plus $100 in flex dollars (dollars that can be used for any dining item) will decrease in cost by $100; the new rate is $977 a semester. Flex dollars can be used over two consecutive semesters, but do not carry over from year to year.

A new meal plan for commuter students, offering seven meals a week plus $100 Flex, has been added at a cost of $1,150 per semester.

Two meal plans will be discontinued: plan 19F+ (which offers 19 meals per week plus $300 Flex) and the summer meal plan of 19 meals a week. The summer meal plan was discontinued because of fewer students on campus during the summer months.

Students have the option of six different meal plans and six different dining facilities plus two “C-stores,” which offer grab-and-go meals and sell other food and beverage items.

All types of special diets are accommodated, and individually prepared meals are available for students who have special dietary needs. Nutrition information is available for all menu items in each dining facility.

During the pandemic, all state safety and health regulations have been followed, and students have had the option to use GrubHub, ordering meals electronically for pick up.