Last week, each campus employee received in campus mail a packet of information about the University Family Drive. I hope that you took a moment to read over it.

I want to tell you why I think the drive is important and why I hope you will participate.

Over the last few years, as a university community, we have planned and collaborated, and IUP has arrived at an exciting point in its history. So many things are converging to create forward progress—the new strategic plan, our work on Middle States reaffirmation, the creation of new programs. Even some of the less-than-positive things provide us with opportunities to reassess, correct, and improve. Participation in the University Family Drive has increased exponentially in that time, which is a sign that people are finding the work here at this time very satisfying. While it's challenging work, I know I am enjoying it and working with everyone at IUP.

From my perspective, two reasons for participating in the University Family Drive are most compelling.

  1. When those who work here invest, it says to external funding sources, including the alumni we ask to give, that we believe in our own work enough to support it ourselves.
  2. You can invest in anything at IUP that interests you—your own academic department, any scholarship fund, IUP Libraries, or any athletics team. Whatever your choice, your gift in one way or another assists our students.

I hope you'll join me in giving to our university, which is a most worthy charitable organization. Our goal is to reach 800 participants by April 8.

Thank you for your hard work every single day and for considering placing your charitable support toward this wonderful university.

Michael Driscoll