President Werner taping an episode of “Budget Matters”

Budget Matters—a periodic, web video series in which David Werner, interim president, will address questions relating to the budget and budget planning—will debut Thursday, October 28, 2010, on the President's office website and in IUP Daily, the e-newsletter for employees.

The program will be hosted by Mary Ann Rafoth, dean of the College of Education and Educational Technology, who will pose the questions to Dr. Werner.

Each episode is designed to be brief, addressing two to three questions. Budget Matters with Dr. Werner will be featured prominently in IUP Daily, perhaps twice a month. An archive of shows will be found on the Budget Matters website once the series has launched.

Employee Input Needed

This web series will be successful only if it addresses what's on the mind of the university community. Your input is crucial. If you have a question you would like to see Dr. Werner answer on the program, please e-mail it to

Please note that your question will not be answered via e-mail. Rather, submissions will be reviewed for common questions or topics, and those will be integrated into future episodes.

Upcoming Episodes

Two episodes of Budget Matters are planned for this week. Topics to be covered are as follows:

  • Budget Matters, October 28: The general outlook for the 2010–2011 budget and rumors about retrenchment of faculty and furloughs of staff
  • Budget Matters, October 29: The status of performance funding for 2010–2011