On behalf of the university community, I wish to congratulate coach Joe Lombardi and our men's basketball team on a highly successful (33-3) season and their historic participation in the 2010 NCAA Division II championship game.

Although our Crimson Hawks team was not victorious, we salute team members on their incredible success as 2010 PSAC and NCAA Division II Atlantic Region champions.

I also wish to convey my thanks to the university's cheerleaders; Norm, the IUP mascot; the IUP pep band; and the hundreds of fans who supported our team in the championship game.

This occasion was an impressive example of university pride, team spirit, and citizenship. The Springfield, Mass., daily newspaper referred to our fans as “road warriors” who “made the 450-mile trek from western Pennsylvania to pull for their team.”

Again, congratulations to our men's basketball team. Thanks for bringing pride and national recognition to IUP.

Tony Atwater, Ph.D.