Dr. Torges talks with a few political science students ENGAGING TOPICS - Professor Gwen Torges, second from left, listens to a student in a political science class discussion.

Political Insight Brings Clarity to World Events

Politics and public policy make more sense when you've developed the ability to think critically, express your views in writing, and communicate those insights with peers and diverse groups of people. When you have a grasp of political phenomena, you have the perspective and breadth of knowledge critical to the successful functioning of governments, corporations, and education institutions.

Your time at IUP will allow you to absorb the complementary disciplines of law, history, psychology, and sociology. This knowledge base will give you the skills and intellectual balance needed to bring together divergent points of view.

Why Political Science?

Societies continue to debate which political systems best serve humanity. Theories abound concerning international affairs, health care, the environment, and civil rights. You'll be able to contribute meaningfully to the dialogue by committing to the study of political science. The study of political science will provide you with a set of skills valuable in any career path. These skills include critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, and both verbal and written communication.

The World Needs Political Science Majors

Politics and the processes of governments will never go away. New insights are always needed. Each generation makes its contribution to the evolving nature of political discourse, addressing progress, fairness, and the fulfillment of the global society's expanding needs.

Expected Outcomes With an Undergraduate Degree in Political Science

  • Exploring related disciplines, such as economics, history, and psychology, also contributes to the broad foundation of your education.
  • A robust internship program gives you the hands-on experience that helps shape your path.
  • Small class sizes give you ample opportunities to express your views while absorbing the challenges of conflicting perspectives.
  • Small class sizes also provide you with the chance for extensive and meaningful interaction with your professors.
  • Find your focus and passion as you explore the many directions this field can take you.
  • How you comprehend and perceive world events will deepen and expand with your close analysis of global trends.

The IUP Difference

Perfect fit.  The Political Science Department is large enough to attract significant resources while also maintaining an accessible, personal ambiance. Your call for assistance will always be answered.

Political Science faculty. Scholarly pursuits, conference papers, and publishing triumphs distinguish this group of educators. Close collaboration with your professors on papers and presentations adds a deeper dimension to your educational experience.

Internships.  Hundreds of students have held internships at the federal, state, and local levels of government, as well as with a variety of domestic and international organizations, such as interest groups and law firms.