The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Police Department is a community-oriented law enforcement agency dedicated to serving IUP's students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus. We understand the unique culture and environment of the IUP community and work to promote public safety through education, responsibility, and community policing. We strive to establish long-term trust and positive relationships with the community members and university units we serve and have therefore established a Community Policing subdivision of the IUP Police Department.

The Goal of the Community Policing Officer is to:

  • Actively build and maintain long-term, meaningful relationships and collaborative partnerships with members of the community.
  • Work with community partners to identify, respond to, and solve problems related to the community's concerns and needs surrounding quality of life and public safety.
  • Actively educate the community regarding public safety awareness and crime prevention in order to support a safe community for all.

Community Policing Officer

Jeremy Pettis

IUP Police Department
University Towers
Indiana, PA 15705