Pan-African Studies Program

A professor teaches a class for Pan African Studies.

Undergraduate Program in Pan-African Studies

Minor in Pan-African Studies

The Pan-African Studies program offers events, courses, and a minor, all of which focus on people of African descent throughout the world.

As our society becomes more multicultural and globalized, a knowledge of Pan-African Studies is a significant element of a well-rounded education.

This multidisciplinary minor helps students enrich their cross-cultural studies by heightening their awareness of and sensitivity to cultural diversity and expanding their knowledge of contributions by persons of African heritage.

The minor in Pan-African Studies is a valuable asset in the increasingly diverse society and is attractive to employers and graduate schools alike.


Pan-African Studies Courses for Fall 2021

Here are courses related to the Pan-African Studies program that will be offered in fall 2021.

Speaker to Discuss Effects of Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

Brent McCusker, professor of geography at West Virginia University, will give a lecture titled “The Challenge of Climate Change in a Multi-shock World: Evidence from Niger, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Malawi.” The presentation will take place on Zoom, Tuesday, March 9, 5:00–6:15 p.m. 

Speaker to Discuss US Military Involvement in Africa, February 11

Washington and Jefferson College political science professor Buba Misawa will give a presentation titled “The Expanding US Military Presence in Africa Today: The African High Command and US Security in West Africa.” The presentation will take place on Zoom on Thursday, February 11, 4:30–5:30 p.m.

Pan-African Studies Courses for Spring 2021

These courses related to the Pan-African Studies program will be offered in spring 2021.