Math Placement Information

  • Translating Your Math Placement Score

    Once an incoming student has completed their math placement test they are presented with a range of classes in which they could be placed. To assist with understanding the results please refer to the charts below. Please understand that each major has different math requirements.

    The following majors and/or colleges do not require pre-calculus or higher courses and can refer to Placement Chart 1 shown below.

    • College of Education and Communications
    • College of Fine Arts
    • College of Health and Human Services, with the exception of:
      • Nuclear Medicine Technology
      • Respiratory Care
      • Safety, Health, and Environmental Applied Sciences
    • College of Humanities and Social Sciences, with the exception of:
      • Economics
    • Psychology

    Chart 1: Majors Not Requiring Calculus or Pre-Calculus

    Score Range Course Placement
    0–13 Math 090 *Course # pending approval
    14–100 Liberal Studies Math as advised by department

    The following majors and/or colleges do require pre-calculus or higher and can refer to Placement Chart 2 shown below.

    • Public Health–Epidemiology and Bio-Statistics Track
    • Eberly College of Business
    • Economics
    • Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, with the exception of:
      • Psychology

    Chart 2: Majors Requiring Pre-Calculus or Higher Courses

    Score Range Course Placement
    0–13 Math 090 *Course # pending approval
    14–29 Math 103 *Course # pending approval and Math 100 (during the same semester)
    30–45 Math 100
    41–100  Math 107 and 108 (College of Business students only) 
    46–60 Math 105 or Math 110 as advised by department
    61–75 Math 110 or Math 115 or Math 121 as advised by department
    76–100 Math 125

    Please feel free to utilize the tutorials in the Aleks program as a resource to improve your placement score as needed. Students will be eligible to retest online in the month of July. Students seeking to retest must complete 10 hours of the prep and learning modules within the Aleks PPL program.  Once completed, the retest will be unlocked.  Students are limited to one retest prior to their orientation program.