Lights, Camera, Passion: Lindsay Ward ’08

Posted on 10/31/22 6:00 AM

Growing up near IUP, Lindsay Ward thought she needed to go far away to get the best college education to work in broadcasting in a major city. But her parents encouraged her to check out IUP because of its affordability.

Lindsay heeded her parents’ advice and dived into the offerings of the Communications Media Department, including joining the student-run station, IUP-TV. She found that IUP had all the things she needed to prepare her for a career in broadcasting. When she graduated in 2008, she was well on her way to the career she dreamed of.

“When I was at IUP, I never felt like I was just a number.”

After completing an internship at a TV station in eastern Pennsylvania, Lindsay landed her first job.  This led to another one at a bigger station and, eventually, to KDKA in Pittsburgh, where she serves as the morning news anchor. Five days a week, she reports the news of the day to viewers just waking up.

A job like this was always one of Lindsay’s goals. By coming to IUP, she was able to get the skills and experience to achieve it.