Research and Travel


As the pandemic evolves, the School of Graduate Studies and Research and the Research Institute are continuing to monitor information relevant to IUP research and researchers.

For information on research-related travel, research proposals, changes to active awards and activities, student assistance, and student research, go to the COVID-19 Research Guidelines and Regulations page.Students receiving IUP funding to conduct research off-campus may need approval for this work. Faculty conducting research that requires travel may also need approval.

In addition, the IUP Research Institute continues to provide support with proposals for grant submissions and active grant projects. See IUP Research Institute Update and Guidance.


Self-quarantine after Travel

Students and employees who have been in an area determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to have a high number of COVID-19 cases are asked to self-quarantine before coming to the IUP campus or the Indiana area. See the health department's COVID-19 Information for Travelers.

University-Sponsored Travel

We continue to follow state and institutional directives regarding university-sponsored travel. For mission-critical activities, exemptions may be considered.

Nonessential Travel

  • Should be curtailed unless approved by the university president (or designee).
  • The university's standard processes for travel authorization should require the signature of the president (or designee) for travel to be authorized.
  • Travel within Pennsylvania should be done with caution and awareness of the pandemic conditions at the planned destination and in the communities en route to the destination.
  • Guidance from theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should be followed when traveling with multiple persons in one vehicle.
  • If an approved traveler is exposed to COVID-19 while participating in university-sponsored travel, the traveler must follow the self-isolation protocols established by the university upon return. See Health and Safety for protocols.

Education Abroad

The COVID-19 pandemic limited the opportunities for international experiences. The Office of International Education continues to work with students interested in these experiences on an individual basis. Please contact the office directly with any questions.