Marching Band

Welcome! We are so glad that you are interested in joining The Legend. Below is all the information you will need.

Membership is open to all students attending IUP. If you want to be a member of this band, we will find you a place where you can be the most successful! We are excited to have YOU join us in 2023 for a fantastic marching band experience complete with Pre-Season Legend Week (Band Camp), full field shows, performances at IUP home football games, and exhibitions at marching competitions across the state of Pennsylvania.

2023 Dates


How to join

All questions can be directed to The Legend director, Zach Cheever.

To join The Legend 2023, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the membership form.
  2. Complete a video placement assessment.
  3. Register for the course (MUSC 125: Marching Band).
  4. Mark your calendar for Legend Week!

Video Placements Assessments

Video placement auditions are due on June 1. Returning members do not need to submit this video, but they still need to fill out the membership form. All students with prior band experience will be accepted into The Legend, but we need a video from members for part splits, equipment assignments, etc. All students will have a place in this band, but a case-by-case basis will be applied to all students without prior experience. Students who do not have prior experience may submit a video, but final placements will be at the staff's discretion. Details regarding the video placement assessment will be emailed to all students who have completed the membership form. We will find a solution for those who do not have access to an instrument.


Percussion members will have various camps throughout the summer to learn the battery opportunities in The Legend (Mini Camp: July 21-23, 2023). The battery assignments will be set during the percussion camp (August 14-16, 2023). A battery packet will be available before camp. It is strongly encouraged to attend the mini-camps throughout the summer!

Color Guard

Color Guard members will have a mini-camp prior to Legend Week (August 14-16, 2023) to learn techniques and meet the rest of their section. A detailed list of minicamp activities will be available before coming to IUP.


Auditions for Feature Twirlers and Majorettes are April 29, 2023. To sign up for auditions, please complete the linked form. Feature Twirlers and Majorette Line members will have a mini-camp prior to Legend Week (August 14-16, 2023) to learn techniques and meet the rest of their section. A detailed list of minicamp activities will be available prior to coming to IUP.


Most of the season's music will be available before camp and sent out digitally. You will also receive warm-up materials and other technique-based music before camp. It is the expectation to have looked at this music prior to moving in so that we can make more progress during Legend Week. When coming to Legend Week, you should move in like you are coming for the fall semester.

Equipment and Cost

Instruments are provided for each member. Anyone wishing to use their own personal instrument during the season may do so with the understanding that any repair costs incurred will be their own responsibility. Uniforms are also provided; however, you must purchase full-length white socks, white marching band shoes, and white gloves. Guard members should purchase black shoes. Information about this will be emailed to members who have filled out the form.

Course Registration

Everyone involved with the Marching Band must be enrolled in the course MUSC 125. This course is listed in the scheduling booklet under Music Department. Section 001 is worth one credit, and section 011 is worth zero credits. Only students registered for 18 or more credits can sign up for section 011. Registration should be done prior to Legend Week.

Time Commitment

We rehearse on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5:15 to 7:15 p.m. We will play at every home football game, a few away football games, and a handful of exhibitions throughout the season. Balancing The Legend with school and other activities is possible! Many of our students are involved with organizations and majors across the campus while still successfully being a member of this band. Percussion and Color Guard members will have other weekly sectional time to have more one-on-one instructional time from staff members. Wind players will have sectionals on a case-by-case basis.