The University Museumat IUPhosted this special exhibition titled, "The Adirondack Chair: Transformation / Reinvention"earlier this year, March 29, 2008-May 3, 2008.

Students and recent alumni from eight institutions were invited to participate in this exhibition along with students from the woodworking and furniture design program at IUP. The challenge was to revisit, explore, and redesign the century old Adirondack chair. Participants developed their own interpretation and variation on the theme by using the basic concept, design, or structure of this classic chair as a point of departure. Each of the 28 different chairs in the exhibition was created by either one individual or a team. Selections of original images were also displayed in the exhibition featuring the concept and design stages of the chair project. These images included sketches, renderings, technical drawings, detail drawings, finish samples, models, chair component mock-ups or photo images of work-in-progress.

A full-color exhibition catalog featuring each of the twenty-eight chairs and their artists is available upon request . Contact Christopher Weiland at