Dr. Sumanth Swaminathan, a co-Founder of Vironix, will be giving two lectures on Friday, October 22, at 11:30 AM and 1:50 PM as part of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Visiting Lecture Series.

In the first lecture, “Maximizing Value Through Collaboration: Lessons From Academia, Corporations, Government Labs, Small Companies, and Startups,” Swaminathan, who is himself the product of an interdisciplinary education, will discuss several examples of successful collaborations in academia, government labs, large/small industrial organizations, and startups. The first lecture is sponsored by the Scholarships  Scholarships Creating Opportunities for Applying Mathematics (S-COAM) program and the Mathematical and Computer Sciences Department and is also part of the Science Inspires lecture series.  The lecture will take place in room 225 of the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (Leonard Hall) on Friday, October 22 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

In the second lecture, "Machine-learning methods and patient data generation schemes for remote detection and monitoring of Health Deterioration due to Lung & Heart Illness," Swaminathan will describe a machine-learning approach to classifying and triaging health deterioration events due to chronic and infectious illness.  In this approach, algorithms are trained to consume patient health data inclusive of symptoms, consumer-available biometric data, and patient profile/demographic information and return an assessment of both the existence and severity of health downturns.  The second lecture is sponsored by the S-COAM program and the Mathematical and Computer Sciences Department, and is also a joint event with the IUP SIAM Student Chapter.  This lecture will take place in room B10 of the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (Leonard Hall) on Friday, October 22 from 1:50 to 2:60 PM.

Dr. Sumanth Swaminathan is a digital health entrepreneur, interdisciplinary scientist, teacher, and performing musician with a professional career that spans academia, government labs, large/small corporations, and startups. He has over a decade of product and business development experience in past roles as a technology consultant, chief data scientist, CEO, and startup founder. During these roles, he has successfully built and led simulation/mathematical modeling focused teams, he has won government Small Business Innovation Research grants (over $1M in capital), he has raised millions of dollars in private capital, he has led and co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and talks, and he has hired and mentored over a dozen PhD and Masters-level students.

Sumanth is also an adjunct professor of mathematics at the University of Delaware and a specialist in numerical methods,  including machine-learning predictions and stochastic simulation. He completed his PhD in applied mathematics from Northwestern University and was a Postdoctoral research fellow at Oxford University and Northwestern University. Outside of his professional life, he is a passionate saxophone performer/teacher who loves to travel.

S-COAM is a unique scholarship program that not only provides monetary scholarship support, but also creates a network of students that engage in professional development activities to improve their career prospects and success in STEM fields.