John Chrispell of the Mathematical and Computer Sciences Department recently had an article published in SIAM News discussing IUP students' success in the COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

SIAM News is the official news journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. In the article, which can be found at the SIAM News website, Chrispell writes of IUP's success in recruiting student teams for the COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling, held every year in early February. Chrispell cites department support and the recruitment efforts of students who have already participated as the main factors in IUP's success. The department also recognizes Chrispell's efforts in advising the teams every year.

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling is an annual international competition, with teams participating from around the world. Teams of up to three undergraduate students spend an intense, four-day weekend at their home institution, working on an open-ended, realistic mathematical problem.

Students interested in participating should contact Professor Chrispell.