Description: This study continues to track the cohort of batterers and their partners developed in the previous CDC grant. The main objective is to test several unexpected findings of the previous multi-site evaluation of batterer programs through a follow-up period of 4-years since program intake. The following issues will also be examined: 1) the long-term effectiveness of 9-month programs as opposed to 3-month programs, 2) the reassault rate for new female partners, and 3) the impact of welfare reform on the reassault rate.

Goal: to assess the long-term effectiveness of batterer programs in reducing domestic violence and injury to women.

Principal Investigator: Edward Gondolf

Source of funding: Centers for Disease Control (CDC), US Department of Health and Human Services, via IUP
Type of Study: Evaluation Research
Effort: 40-60%
Contract length: 3 years
Period: October 1997 to October 2000 (no-cost extension to September 2001)
Total Amount: $910,000 (includes 3 co-investigators with benefits, clerical and graduate assistants, travel expenses, and administration costs)