Since 1916, IUP has been serving up hospitality, providing an exceptional education for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of hotel, restaurant, tourism, and event management.

Our graduates have specialized knowledge and skills for career opportunities as an entrepreneur or within global operational systems, including corporate support centers, supply chain and logistics management, restaurants, tourism, special events, hotels, resorts, clubs, beverage operations, theme parks, contract food services, gaming operations, catering, cruise lines, sales, and other travel-related venues, and service-related careers (alumni are currently employed in banking, health care, insurance, real estate).

The Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism, and Event Management program in the Department of Management, Eberly College of Business (Department of Hospitality Management) at IUP traces its roots back to 1916 when a household arts and science course in cooking was first offered at what was then Indiana Normal School.

Founded in 1875, the Indiana Normal School began the tradition of providing "hands-on" learning experiences for its students which (still) remains deeply embedded in our curriculum today.

The household arts and science cooking course proved so successful that, by 1930, the courses were being conducted out of two food laboratories in what was McElhaney Hall (now the site of North Dining Hall). In addition, these facilities also featured a dining room utilized by the class to sample and evaluate its prepared products.

School Lunch Program Added

By 1937, a formal school lunch program was added to the curriculum. This course featured quality, quantity food and, through a satellite feeding system, provided lunch to students at Thaddeus Stevens Elementary School. The school lunch curriculum was expanded in 1940 to include larger kitchen facilities and an eat-in cafeteria in the old Leonard Hall, now the site of the John J. and Char Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. From here, students’ satellite-fed those enrolled in the institution's "laboratory school" housed in Davis Hall as well as offered the public a noon meal in the cafeteria.


In 1965, when the institution was granted university status, the expanded food production courses were organized under the Department of Institutional Management. The Bachelor of Science in School Food Service Management was offered. This was the first degree of its kind offered in Pennsylvania. The Department had 35 students and four faculty members. Elizabeth Schmitt served as the chairperson from September 1967 to September 1970.


Allen M. Woods served as the chairperson from September 1970 to September 1978. The department name was changed to the Department of Food Service Management in 1971 to reflect the inclusion of commercial operations management into the program. The department had seven faculty members.

In 1974 the American School Food Service Association was organized by students on the IUP campus, being the first college chapter in the United States School of Home Economics Student Advisory Council. This was done to further advance professional career networking, internships, and employment opportunities

In concurrence with the formation of the American Food Service Association and the training of food-service directors, in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture in 1974, summer institutes were offered for training of the school food service employees and school food service directors. A group of students whose interest focused on the “management” of hospitality operations organized in 1976 the Hospitality Management Club. Stephen Shiring served as treasurer of this organization.

Field trips were organized for senior students to attend the International Hotel and Motel Show in New York City each November and the National Restaurant Hotel and Motel Show in Chicago each May, supported by the faculty.

Ronald Simkins served as the chairperson from September 1978 to September 1984


The explosive success of the major was brought about because of increasing enrollment in the food service management major, combined with the rapid growth and demand for formal hotel management courses. Students organized in 1983 the Food Service and Lodging Club. Then, added to the curriculum, the Food Service and Lodging option was approved in 1985. In 1988 the Hotel and Restaurant Association Affiliated Club was founded.

Donna Cauffiel served as the chairperson from September 1984 to June 1985. Ronald Simkins became acting chairperson in late fall 1984 until the election of June 1985. Cauffiel was in an automobile accident and was unable to fulfill her duties as chairperson. Joanne Steiner became chairperson of the Food and Nutrition Department from September 1985 to July 1989. When the new Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management department was formed, Steiner remained as chair of the Food and Nutrition Department.

As a result of its growth from 72 students in 1968 to over 500 students combined within the three majors in the department, the birth of the Department of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management in 1989 occurred, which spun off the Department of Food and Nutrition. The new department housed approximately 225 undergraduate students, six full-time faculty members, two food production laboratory assistants, and various other support personnel. It was in 1989 the renovation of the dining room and commercial food production kitchen located in Ackerman Hall was completed and formally named the Allenwood in honor of Allen M. Woods, professor emeritus. Ronald Simkins served as the first chairperson of the HRIM Department from July 1989 to December 1991.

HRIM played a pivotal role in the university over the next 14 years as it successfully prepared students for entry-level management positions in the business of hotels and restaurants. During this time, the program established itself as a regional leader in hospitality education.


To recognize student academic achievement in HRIM, the IUP chapter of Eta Sigma Delta, the International Hospitality Management Honor Society, was established with its first induction on campus on March 26, 1990. ESD was founded in 1978 by a group of students in the University of New Hampshire’s Whittemore School of Business and Economics.

Thomas Van Dyke joined the faculty and served as the chairperson of the HRIM Department from January 1992 to May 1993. Van Dyke resigned, and Jeffrey Miller was elected chairperson. Miller served from June 1993 to May 2001.

In 1992, the IUP student chapter of the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality was organized. NSMH was founded in 1989 to support minority students interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.

To assure the quality of the program, and after a comprehensive self-study, HRIM was first granted accreditation status from the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration in 1995. Successful reaccreditation has been continued and maintained as a guarantee to students and stakeholders of the mission and quality of the education.

In response to the diversity of workforce within the Hospitality Industry, HRIM 245 Diversity and Multicultural Management in the Hospitality Industry was approved in April 1996. We have been discussing the effects of international migration and changing roles of minorities within the global and domestic hospitality industry since 1996.

Founded in spring 1997, the Restaurant, Institutional, and Catering Association was organized as a student catering club. Its purpose was to provide on-the-job experience by demonstrating the tasks of a professional caterer. It supported HRIM students in their fundraising efforts to attend annual trips to the National Restaurant Association’s Hotel/Motel Show in Chicago each May and the International Hotel/Motel Association’s annual trade show in New York City each November. This student organization existed through spring 2000.


As technology brought forth new adaptations of work systems and software to support hospitality managerial reporting, the program’s response was the addition of a 35-computer station in Ackerman 110A. This was accomplished by the following industry friends and their generous donations to renovate three classrooms in Ackerman Hall in 2000:

  • Aramark Corporation

  • Crown American Corporation

  • Eat’n Park Restaurants

  • Hoss’s Steak & Sea House

  • King’s Family Restaurants

In addition, Ackerman 110B was renovated into a contemporary 50-seat lecture room, while Ackerman 109 was updated to current standards.

In 2001, a more formal relationship was solidified with the IUP Academy of Culinary Arts, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, when an articulation agreement was first established between the two programs. This articulation agreement enabled students to matriculate easier from the culinary certificate program into the HRIM bachelor of science degree program on the main campus.

Jeffrey Miller resigned as chairperson in May 2001. Stephen B. Shiring was elected to serve the one year remaining of Miller’s tenure. Shiring was elected chairperson while in his fourth year of service and was not yet tenured. He served June 2001 to May 2002. Shiring was reelected and served as chairperson from June 2002 to May 2008.

Established as a Regional Leader in Hospitality Education

As the demands of the contemporary hospitality industry required professionally trained hospitality managers to service the needs of a highly sophisticated clientele, and to manage the businesses efficiently and effectively within the growing hospitality industry, the continued assessment of student learning identified emerging technical, human relations, and conceptual skills sets now required for the successful hospitality manager.

In April 2003, a major curriculum revision became the catalyst for the continued evolution of the department. HRIM evolved into the Department of Hospitality Management. The curriculum evolved from a tract-based curriculum-of-study to a dynamic, flexible, student-friendly curriculum. The professional student chapter Club Management Association of America was organized in 2006 at IUP to provide mentoring, internship, and career opportunities with the private club industry. In April 2009 the course HRIM 212 Club Operations Management was added as an elective. The IUP Student CMAA chapter is affiliated with the Pittsburgh Chapter of the CMAA.

The International Gold and Silver Plate Society $1,000 Scholarship was first awarded to an HRIM student in spring 2004.

Skal Pittsburgh Chapter awards the first IUP Hospitality Management student scholarship in 2008.

Tom Van Dyke was elected to serve as chairperson from June 2009 to May 2012.


The Department of Hospitality Management celebrated its 45th birthday in 2010 (1965-2010).

In 2010, to support student participation in attending the annual International Hotel and Motel Show in NYC and the NRA Show in Chicago, students organize the Hospitality Management Travel Club to raise money for travel. The club existed through 2015.

Jeffrey Miller was elected to serve as chairperson from June 2012 to 2015. Miller retired and Stephen B. Shiring was elected in a special election to fulfill the term. Shiring served until May 2016.

In 2015, in response to changing workforce needs and industry demands, the curriculum was revised. A restructured core and concentrations in hotel and lodging, restaurant and food service, and special events management were featured.

Added to the special events concentration were:

  • HOSP 270 Professional Wedding Planning & Consulting (approved fall 2014)
  • HOSP 272 Meeting and Convention Management (approved fall 2014)
  • HOSP 270 Professional Wedding Planning and Consulting (approved fall 2014)
  • HOSP 275 Festival Management ((approved fall 2014)
  • HOSP 280 Introduction to Special Events Management (approved fall 2014)

Added to the hotel and lodging

  • HOSP 250 Resort Management (approved fall 2014)
  • HOSP 255 Housekeeping Management (approved fall 2014)
  • HOSP 260 Hotel Operations Management (approved fall 2014)

Students organized the IUP chapter of Meeting Professionals International in 2015. MPI is the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide. Founded in 1972, the organization provides innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities, and business exchanges and acts as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry. The IUP MPI chapter is affiliated with the Pittsburgh MPI chapter.

Stephen Shiring was reelected as chairperson from May 2017 to May 2021.

In 2017 awards were created to recognize and honor our students’ exemplary academic excellence, leadership, and service, and to those alumni and members of the industry who support our students. In addition, it was in 2017 that Patricia Brown Simkins and Ronald E. Simkins, professor emeritus, established their annual scholarship for presentation to a Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism, and Event Management student.

Annual awards presented to the students since 2017 include:

  • The Outstanding Junior Award winners for Academics, for Leadership for Service. 
  • The Outstanding Senior Award winners for Academics, for Leadership for Service.
  • The Freshman Award for Academic Excellence
  • The Sophomore Award for Academic Excellence

Recognizing the following student scholarship award recipients:

  • Laura Mateer Scholarship

  • William Gressley Memorial Scholarship

  • John J. and Mary Louise Scanlan and James and Madelyn Reilly Scholarship for Hospitality Management

  • Elizabeth LaVelle Scholarship

  • Pittsburgh Club Managers Foundation (PCMF) Internship Scholarship

  • Pittsburgh Club Managers Foundation (PCMF) Distinguished IUP Hospitality Management Student Scholarship

  • Patricia Brown Simkins & Ronald E. Simkins Scholarship

  • Western PA Broker Association Scholarship

  • SKAL International Pittsburgh Tourism and Hospitality Management Scholarship

The Allen M. Woods Alumni Achievement Award was established in May 2017. Allen M. Woods, professor emeritus, served as the department’s chairperson from 1970 to 1987. Through his involved leadership, professional guidance, unselfish kindness, and mentoring he offered to each student, combined with his hiring of quality faculty (Donna Cauffiel and Ron Simkins), the program grew from 70 students to over 500. The following alumni have been recognized.

Allen M. Woods Alumni Achievement Award

  • 2017 Recipient - Michael Caruso 1980
  • 2018 Recipient - Bryan Marince 1979
  • 2019 Recipient - Jason Fulvi 1989
  • 2000 Recipient - Pete Turner 2000
  • 2021 Recipient - Courtney McKenna 1998

In June 2017, the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Club Management Foundation is established. PCMF created an IUP-specific Hospitality Management CMAA scholarship and an internship scholarship.

Beginning in 2018, the Donna Cauffiel and Ron Simkins Industry Appreciation Awards were begun. Both retired distinguished faculty of the department, Donna Cauffiel and Ron Simkins, professor emeritus, were instrumental in helping to establish the program as regional leader in hospitality education. These awards recognize industry professionals who provide exemplary unselfish support to the program.

Donna Cauffiel Industry Appreciation Award

  • 2018 Randy Gray, Talent Acquisition, Specialty Restaurant Group Manager, Darden Restaurant Group
  • 2019 Kenneth Lindley, Sales/Design/Project Manager, CSP, Curran-Taylor, Inc
  • 2020 Blank
  • 2021 Jamie Moore, Director of Sourcing and Sustainability, Parkhurst Dining, Eat’n Park Hospitality Group

Ronald Simkins Industry Appreciation Award

  • 2018 Michael Tkach, Ceramic Engineer, Homer Laughlin China Company
  • 2019 Chip Gapshes, District Manager, Hoss’s Steak and Sea House
  • 2020 Blank
  • 2021 Chef David Whetsel, Culinary Director, PASSHE West, Mid-Atlantic Region, Higher Education, Aramark, IUP

In spring 2018, the Department of Hospitality Management, in conjunction with IUP’s annual giving campaign, hosted a crowdfunding campaign to support the reopening of the Allenwood lab after a five-year hiatus, securing $8,654.66. In April of 2018, a collaborative effort led to the approval of the Associate in Applied Science in Hospitality Management.

Aramark, beginning in 2018, the IUP contract food service provider, established and pledged an annual financial donation to support the Allenwood lab

In 2019, in honor of R. William “Bill” Jardine’s continuous service as a member of the program’s Industry Advisory Committee since 1996, the program created the R. William “Bill” Jardine Industry Advisory Board Recognition Award. Bill was the first recipient of this award in 2019.

Jardine has been a successful restaurateur and caterer in western Pennsylvania for over four decades. His operation, Jardine’s Farm Restaurant & Catering, was a staple for exceptional country cooking and innovative, down-home, on- and off-premises catering.

William “Bill” Jardine Industry Advisory Board Recognition Award

  • 2019 Bill Jardine, Jardine’s Farm Restaurant & Catering, Research and Development Chef, Foodservice Innovators.
  • 2020 Bryan Marince, Vice President, Western District for Parkhurst Dining Services, Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, Director of Corporate Dining, Parkhust Dining
  • 2021 Glenn Buse, Vice President, Human Resources, PCS Mobile Solutions

In fall 2019, the Department of Hospitality Management and Reinhart Foodservice, a family-owned enterprise and one of the largest foodservice distributors in the country, partnered to create for the IUP Hospitality Management students, a user-friendly accessible learning platform within their industry-leading online kitchen and restaurant management system called TRACS Direct restaurant management system.

The Department of Hospitality Management and Aramark, the on-site contract management food service provider at IUP, partnered to provide a unique learning experience for hospitality management students on campus. Hospitality management students began in the fall 2019 semester to train in each of Aramark’s four kitchens on campus as part of their coursework. Each student enrolled in the HOSP 220 - Food Service Operations course will now engage in a total of four hours of training in a professional kitchen production area with Aramark each semester


Stephen Shiring served as chairperson from June 2017 to May 2021, whereupon IUP’s Nextgen, the Department of Hospitality Management merged with the Management Department in the Eberly College of Business in fall 2021.

The Department of Hospitality Management was recognized in February 2021 for its excellence in hospitality management education, being ranked number nine of 50 on the list of "2021 Best Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management" in the United States by The Department of Hospitality Management at IUP is the highest ranked hospitality management program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

April 2021 brought about a curriculum revision and name change to become the Department of Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism, and Event Management program. The curriculum revision permits a student to master a common core of competencies and to “customize” their hospitality elective courses based on their career interests. The program name change helps to further clarify and define the program into identifiable hospitality industry segments students seek for their careers.

Since 1916, the department grew up in the College of Home Economics, which eventually evolved to become the College of Health and Human Services at IUP. In fall 2021, the Department of Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism, and Event Management following IUP’s Nextgen vision for a more efficient university, left the College of Health and Human Services to merge into the Management Department, within the Eberly College of Business, to better position itself for future sustained growth.

Beginning in September 2021, renovation of the dining room in the Allenwood (Ackerman 002 & 003) began supported by a generous donation by Don Green, in honor of his mother, Isabella Wilkerson-Green, one of the first two graduates in 1927 from the IUP Home Economics program. In honor of his mother, the dining room was officially named the Isabella Wilkerson-Green Room by the IUP trustees in fall 2021.

In fall 2021 the Statler Foundation awarded their prestigious $25,000 scholarship to the first IUP Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism, and Event Management student, Kyle Kubicko, of Natrona Heights, Pa.

Chairpersons during the Evolution of the Department

Elizabeth Schmitt September 1967–September 1970

Allen M Woods September 1970–September 1978

Ronald Simkins September 1978–September 1984

Donna Cauffiel September 1984–June 1985

Ronald Simkins – Acting chairperson, late fall until the election of June 1985. Cauffiel was in an automobile accident and was unable to fulfill her duties as chairperson.

Joanne Steiner September 1985–July 1989 – Chairperson of the Food and Nutrition Department. When the new HRIM department was formed, Steiner remained as chair of the Food and Nutrition department.

Ronald Simkins July 1989–December 1991

Thomas Van Dyke January 1992–May 1993

Jeffrey Miller June 1993–May 2001

Stephen B. Shiring June 2001–May 2002 – Elected to serve a one-year term, Jeffrey Miller resigned.

June 2002–May 2008

Tom Van Dyke June 2009–May 2012

Jeffrey Miller June 2012–15

Stephen B. Shiring June 2015–16 – Elected in a special election upon Jeffrey Miller’s retirement.

June 2017–May 2021 – Department of Hospitality Management merged with the Management Department in the Eberly College of Business