Although the third floor of theStapletonLibraryiscurrentlyclosed to the publicdue toCOVID-19restrictions on campus, the IUP Special Collections and University Archives remains open virtually and byadvanced appointment forin-personresearch.

The collections are open tostudents, university employees, alumni, community members, and visiting researchersby contacting the department,using its web resources todecidethearchival collections, and working with faculty and staff to plan their research. One recentresearcher, for instance, worked with primary documents relating tounionizationin Western Pennsylvania, focusing mostly on coal mining and the steel industry. What primary sources do you need for your research?

TheArchivesisalsodocumenting the impact of COVID-19 onthe university and surroundingcommunity.Anyone is welcome to donatedocuments, photographs, recordings, reflections, scrapbooks, and social media posts relevant tothe pandemic tobecome part of a new archival collection.Alongside existingarchival collections related to the 1918 influenza pandemic and World War One,COVID-19resourceswillprovide invaluableto future research. How has COVID-19 changed your perspective? Write about it, document it, and donate it!

TheIUP Special Collections and University Archives focuses on collecting, organizing, and providing access to resources relevant to the history of the university and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The department holds primary sources related toIUPhistory,manuscriptcollectionsaboutindividuals, organizations, and businesses in Pennsylvania, and a large collection of rare books.These include records ofthe Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal Company, unions, transportation, the American Civil War, and World War Two.

Remember to wear your mask, and make your research appointmentbycontactingSpecial Collections Librarian and University ArchivistHarrison Wickby email at or visitthe department website, Special Collections and University Archives.