Media Equipment Fines and Fees

Fines will be charged for returning media equipment to the Media Circulation Desk after the due date. Equipment abandoned in the library building will have one day's worth of relevant fines assessed. Please make sure to return your equipment on time!

It is the borrower's responsibility to ensure that the equipment is returned to the Media Circulation Desk on the due date before the desk closes in the evening.

Replacement fees for lost items vary and depend on the type of equipment, original cost, and age of equipment. Borrowers are responsible for returning all components of a media item, including the lens cap, USB cable, HDMI cable, mouse, charger, etc. Borrowers who return media equipment without all of the components will be billed at the rate of the replacement cost for the missing component.

Fine Schedule for Media Equipment

Fines below are charged per-day for each day past the return due date.

Equipment Item Daily Overdue Fine Replacement Cost
Laptop $20 $800
Projector $20 $800
Projector screen, projector remote $10 $600
Cybershot camera, digital camcorder, HD camcorder, light kit, SLR camera, zoom lens $10 $600
Flash drive, floppy drive, headphones, microphone, phone charger, power strip, SD card reader, tape recorder, tripod, voice recorder $2 $15
Dry Erase Markers $0.35 $1
Dry Erase Board Eraser $0.35 $2
DVDs, CDs, and Kits $0.35 $100
Camera charger, camcorder charger, light kit power supply, laptop mouse, laptop power supply None $15
Tripod quick-release plate None $10
Lens Cap None $5

In-Library Use Only

These fines apply to specific equipment designated for in-library use only. The overdue fine is applied if the item is not returned within the specified time frame.

Equipment Item Overdue Fine

Replacement Cost

Laptop $20 $800
Laptop Mouse None $15
Laptop Power Supply None $15