All students must fulfill the requirements of the university's Liberal Studies program in order to graduate.

The curriculum involves a range of 40 to 48 credits, divided among Learning Skills and Knowledge Areas, and Liberal Studies electives. To fulfill the requirements, you must complete courses in each. Although in some categories a course is specified for all students, in most instances there is a list of approved courses from which you can select. Sometimes, depending on your major, certain choices are required or recommended by colleges or departments. Your advisor will provide a convenient checklist which will make it easy to record your progress.

The pages below list the course options (i.e., those courses that are approved Liberal Studies Courses) and credit requirements for each component of the Liberal Studies program.

For an overview of the program of study, please see the Summary of Liberal Studies Requirements. Specific course options and credit requirements can be viewed using the menu.

Learning Skills: English Composition

Writing is an important foundation for education.

Learning Skills: Mathematics

Mathematical thinking is an important skill.


Three courses in the humanities will help you to understand the heritage of Western civilization in all its richness and diversity. You must have one course in each of three areas: literature, philosophy or religious studies, and history.

Fine Arts

The languages of art, architecture, music, drama, and dance are wonderful ways for us to express our feelings and perceptions. You may select a course that focuses on music, theater, art, or dance.

Natural Sciences

You will be asked to complete two courses in the natural sciences, at least one of which must be a laboratory course.

Social Sciences

You will complete three social science courses, with no two chosen from the same discipline. Offerings are available in anthropology, criminology, economics, geography, journalism, political science, psychology, and sociology.

Dimensions of Wellness

You must take three credits of course work that addresses topics like nutrition, fitness, substance abuse, or stress management. Completing one year of ROTC/Military Science is an alternate way of fulfilling this requirement.

Global and Multicultural Awareness

To help you develop attitudes and understandings necessary to live in a world in which contact between cultures is increasingly important, at least one of the courses you take at IUP must deal with a non-western culture.

Liberal Studies Electives

Depending on your program of study, you may be required to select from one or more courses from an extensive list of offerings.