Kinesiology students working with children in a gym

Our Master's Degree in Health and Physical Education gives you flexible options to best fit your goals and situation.

MEd Offers On-Campus and Online Hybrid Options

Our Master's Degree Program in Health and Physical Education offers two options:

  • On-campus classes that cater to full-time students
  • A hybrid option for current teacherscombines on-campus classes in the summer with online classes the rest of the year

Our curriculum is structured to qualify you to become a certified health and physical teacher or to take professional exams and pursue careers in related areas. You will learn about contemporary trends in education, including strategies for using technology in the classroom. The degree can be completed (including student teaching) in as little as 18 months.

Become a Teacher, Add Certifications, Add Expertise

TheMaster's Degree in Health and Physical Education is designed to work well for:

  • Recent college graduates in any major who want to become health and physical education teachers
  • Current teachers in this field who want to broaden their knowledge base and teaching skills
  • Current teachers in a different subject area who want to add another certification

MEd in Health and Physical Education: Choose Thesis or Non-Thesis

The Master of Education in Health and Physical Education program offers both a 33-credit thesis option and a 36-credit non-thesis option.

Specialize YourMaster's Degree With One of Four Tracks

You can choose from four emphasis tracks tailored toward specific career goals.

  • K-12 Teacher Certification
  • Community Health Education
  • Adapted Physical Activity
  • Athletic Coaching

K-12 Teacher Certification

Students interested in earning Pennsylvania teacher certification in K-12 Health and Physical Education can apply to this program. The majority of coursework can be completed online or through video conferencing, perfect for the working professional.

Students in this track are required to attend a four-week summer residency at IUP and complete a 6-12 credit student teaching experience. Teachers who are certified in another area and wish to add health and physical education to their credentials only need to complete six semester hours of student teaching.Students certified in another K-12 content area will not need to complete student teaching. Those students will complete an internship experience.

Community Health Education

This track focuses on advocating and instructing health-related topics in the community, government or private settings. Graduates can seek employment as leaders in agencies involved in the training and prevention of health-related behaviors and conditions. Graduates will have the prerequisite knowledge eligible to sit for the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam.

Adapted Physical Activity

The Adapted Physical Activity Track is designed for students who have an interest in working in school, community, or recreational settings where adapted physical activity programs are offered. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to develop, instruct, and assess programming for individuals with various disabilities. Graduates will have the prerequisite knowledge eligible to sit for the Adapted Physical Education National Standards Certified Adapted Physical Education exam.

Athletic Coaching

This track in the MEd program is designed for students with career goals in athletic coaching at various levels. Graduates of this program will demonstrate the pedagogical knowledge and experience necessary to work as a leader in the sport coaching profession.