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Health and Physical Education, MEd

  • Kinesiology students working with children in a gym

    A Perfect Master's Degree For Your Needs

    Whether you are a recent grad looking to become a health and physical education teacher, or a current educator who wants to broaden your knowledge base in the field of physical education, the M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education at IUP is perfect for you.

    Our curriculum is structured specifically to qualify you as a certified health or physical educator. Classes are designed to inform you about contemporary trends in teacher education, including the incorporation of technology into the classroom. Also, our hybrid option means you only have to be on campus during the summer, taking online classes in Fall and Spring while still completing your degree (including student teaching) in as little as 18 months.

    Who Should Earn a Health and Physical Education MEd?

     Our program is designed to serve the need of a variety of populations:

    • Recent graduates in any major who wish to become certified health and physical educators.
    • Current physical educators looking to broaden their knowledge base and enhance their teaching skills in the subject.
    • Teachers in any subject area looking to diversify their skill set and add the health and physical education certification.

    Thanks to our hybrid option, you can take classes from the comfort of your own home during spring and fall, only visiting campus during summer break. At the same time, all of our classes include on-campus options that cater to full-time students.

    Health and Physical Education Curriculum

    The Master of Education in Health and Physical Education offers both a 33-credit thesis program and a 36-credit non-thesis program. This degree includes emphasis tracks tailored towards specific career goals. Within this program, students can focus on (1) K-12 Teacher Certification, (2) Community Health Education, (3) Adapted Physical Activity, or (4) Athletic Coaching.

    K-12 Teacher Certification

    Students interested in earning PA teacher certification in K-12 Health and Physical Education can apply to this program. The majority of coursework can be completed online or through video conferencing, perfect for the working adult. Students in this track are required to attend a 4-week summer residency at IUP and complete a 6-12 credit student teaching experience. Teachers who are certified in another area and wish to add health and physical education to their credentials only need to complete 6 semester hours of student teaching. Students certified in another K-12 content area will complete an internship experience.

    Community Health Education

    Focuses on advocating and instructing health-related topics in the community, government or private settings. Graduates can seek employment as leaders in agencies involved in the training and prevention of health related behaviors and conditions. Graduates will have the prerequisite knowledge eligible to sit for the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam.

    Adapted Physical Activity

    Designed for students who have an interest in working in school, community, or recreational settings where adapted physical activity programs are offered. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to develop, instruct, and assess programming for individuals with various disabilities. Graduates will have the prerequisite knowledge eligible to sit for the Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) Certified Adapted Physical Education (CAPE) exam.

    Athletic Coaching

    Designed for students with career goals in athletic coaching at various levels. Graduates in this program will demonstrate the pedagogical knowledge and experience necessary to work as a leader in the sport coaching profession.

    M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education Core Courses

    Core Courses (12 cr)
    Course Course Name Credits
    KHSS 517 Contemporary Issues in School and Community Health  3 cr
    KHSS 634 Current Literature in Health, Fitness, and Sport 3 cr
    KHSS 640 Research Methods for Health, Sport, and Physical Activity 3 cr
    KHSS 680 Seminar  3 cr 

    Tracks (choose one)

    Teacher Certification* (24 cr.)
    Course Course Name Credits
    KHSS 526 Health Science Instruction 3 cr.
    KHSS 615 Program Design and Assessment in Health and Physical Education 3 cr.
    KHSS 631 Motor Learning 3 cr.
    KHSS 645 Advanced Teaching Techniques in Physical Education 3 cr.
    KHSS 655 Health and Fitness for Elementary Children 3 cr.
    KHSS 670 Advanced Seminar in Adapted Health Physical Education 3 cr.
    KHSS 675 Fitness Technology for Health and Physical Educators 3 cr.
    EDEX 560 Family Perspective on Disability 3 cr.
    EDEX 650 Exceptional Children and Youth 3 cr.
    Community Health Education (12 cr.)
    Course Course Name Credits
    KHSS 520 Health Education and Promotion at the Workplace 3 cr.
    NURS 610 Health Promotion and Social Issues 3 cr.
    HSAD 605 Epidemiology in Health Service Administration 3 cr.
    KHSS 672 Epidemiology of Physical Activity 3 cr.
    KHSS 698 Internship 3 cr.
    Adapted Physical Activity (12 cr.)
    Course Course name Credits
    EDEX 650 Exceptional Children and Youth 3 cr.
    KHSS 537 Coaching Disability Sport 3 cr.
    KHSS 670 Advanced Seminar in Adapted and Physical Education 3 cr.
    KHSS 698 Internship 3 cr.
    Athletic Coaching Education (12 cr.)
    Course Course name Credits
    KHSS 602 Sport Psychology 3 cr.
    KHSS 603 Physiological Basis of Sport 3 cr.
    KHSS 610 Coaching Management 3 cr.
    KHSS 698 Internship 3 cr.

    Electives and/or Thesis (Choose one)

    Thesis Option (6 cr.)
    Course Course name Credits
    KHSS 795 Thesis 6 cr.
      Electives in KHSS or related fields. 3 cr.
    Non-Thesis Option (12 cr.)
    Course Course name Credits
      Electives in KHSS or related fields. 12 cr.

    *Students seeking teacher certification do not require elective or thesis credits. Those students follow Professional Practice requirements outlined below.

    Professional Practice for Teacher Certification (6-12 cr.)

    Students seeking certification as health and physical education teachers must also student teach as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students demonstrating acceptable levels of knowledge, skills, and disposition will be permitted to enroll in EDUC 421 and/or EDUC 441 Student Teaching. A review of student teaching applicant’s graduate record will be conducted by the HPE Graduate Pedagogy Committee, which will determine if the student has met all requirements to move ahead with certification. Those who are determined to be deficient will not be permitted to student teach. They will receive a degree without Pennsylvania teaching certification.

    Those who are certified as elementary teachers will complete 6 credits in secondary student teaching. Those certified as secondary teachers will complete 6 credits of elementary student teaching.

    Noncertified students must complete both the elementary and secondary student teaching for a total of 12 credits. A culminating activity is required. The total credit hours for the teacher certification track is 36 credits, and the total credit hours with certification is 42-48 credits.

    *Students seeking teacher certification in health and physical education who do not have prerequisite methods courses may be required to take additional courses. Individual programs will be designed based on a review of transcripts.