Retired IUP employees can request to have a personal email address added to an IUP Retiree Directory Services. Any personal email address can be added to this directory service.

This IUP Retired Employee Directory Services allows current employees and other retired employees with a directory of email address so they may reach out to any retired employee. Retired employees will get a copy of the directoryas aPDF emailed to them on a annual basis.

Personal Email address options for the IUP Retired Employee Directory Service

IUP Live Mail accounts are automatically added to the directory service.

You can use any personal email address in the Retired Employee Directory Service. If you have any of the emails domains listed below, they will work. A new email address can also be set up through any of these email providers. To add your non-Live Mail email address for the directory, send email from the address to

Here are some examples of personal email accounts you can request. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.


  • Any user can request a free Microsoft Outlook email account. These email addresses will under the domain.
  • By using an account, you will also have access to the online version of Microsoft software. You will not be able to install the desktop version, but you will have access to the online versions.
  • The Microsoft software is not available with the IUP Live Mail email account.




Local ISP-provided emails

  • (xfinity)