A Shared Mailbox has these features:

  • This is a separate mailbox which can be used for groups, departments, etc.
  • Messages sent to this e-mail address will appear in the Inbox of the Shared Mailbox and not the user's Inbox.
  • You can send messages on behalf of this mailbox, so that replies go back to the Shared Mailbox and not to a specific person.
  • Other users can be granted access to this mailbox. The owner submits an ihelp ticket when user access needs to be added or removed.
  • Shared Mailboxes have a 50GB quota.

If this is what you wish to request, follow these steps:

  1. Shared Mailbox must follow these rules:
    • Must contain at least one dash (or hyphen)
    • Must be a minimum of three but no more than 40 characters long
    • Must begin with a letter
    • Must end with a letter or number
    • Must consist of only letters, numbers, dashes
    • Must not have IUP in the name. (It is redundant because the e-mail address will end with @IUP.edu)
  2. Owner's IUP E-mail Address: An IUP employee must be identified as the owner of the Shared Mailbox. Enter the owner's e-mail address.
  3. College or Division: Enter the name of the college or division of the owner.
  4. Description of Shared Mailbox: Describe the purpose of the Shared Mailbox.
  5. Click Submit.

If the required fields were submitted correctly, a confirmation will display in the web browser indicating that your request has been submitted and will be processed within two business days. When the Shared Mailbox has been created, the mailbox owner and anyone else who needs access to it will be provided instructions for accessing it.