This is a list of instructions for managing a shared mailbox and mailing lists where you have non-IUP email addresses. If you can not find the information you need, please log a ticket via ihelp so we can provide any necessary information.

How do I add/remove a person's access to a Shared Mailbox?

To add or remove a person's access to a Shared Mailbox, an ihelp ticket will need to be logged.

Please provide the email address of the person that needs to be added. Note: only the owner of the Shared Mailbox can make this request.

Accessing an Office 365 Distribution group that I manage

Log in to your email account via the Outlook Web App (

  • Click on the Setting icon (Gear icon) on the top right of your account.
  • At the bottom of the Settings menu, click on View All Outlook Settings.
  • From the Settings dialog box, click on General from the menu on left.
  • From the center menu listing, select Distribution groups. Allow some time for the distribution groups that you belong to and own to appear.
  • When this has loaded, you will see two lists. One is for "Distribution groups I belong to" and one for "Distribution groups I own."
  • For "Distribution groups I own," select the list you wish to edit. You can add and remove users from these groups. Please note, all addresses must be IUP addresses.
Accessing a list used for Non-IUP email addresses via

To manage your list for, you will use your normal IUP credentials to log in to the Web Single Sign-on Service,

When you are logged in, you will see the list that you own and can manage by clicking on the My List icon.

You will be able to select the list you wish to modify subscriptions on, or if you need to release a message if the list is a moderated list.

Managing email addresses on your list at

When you have selected the list you wish to manage by clicking on Review membership, you will be able to add a single user, add multiple users, and remove users from the list.

Scroll to the Add Subscribers section:

  • Under To add an individual user:, enter the email address you wish to add. Click on the checkbox Quiet (don't send welcome email) if you do not want to send a welcome message to the user, or leave blank if you want to send the message. Click Add to add this single user.
  • Under To add multiple users:, click the button for Multiple add. Enter the email address in the proper format (, then a space and the person's name, if you wish to add the name. Enter the next address on the next line. You can also copy and paste a list of addresses you may have from a file, but each address must be on its own line. Click on the checkbox Quiet if you do not want to send a welcome message to the user, or leave blank if you want to send the message. Click Add subscribers to add the group of users.

After the Add Subscriber section:

There is a Subscriber Table that displays all the subscribed users. This will show when the email address was added. If you want to remove someone or a group of people, click on the checkbox beside their name, then click on the Delete selected email addresses button. Like the Add subscriber, there is a checkbox Quiet (don't send deletion email) if you do not want to send a delete message to the user, or leave blank if you want to send the message.

Redirect a message on a moderated mailing list at

Moderators of lists will receive a message anytime someone tries to email to that list. There will be a link in the email that takes you directly to the list management portal.

Alternatively, you can also access the portal bylogging in to After logging in, you will click on the icon that says My Lists.From the list, click on the name of the list you moderate. From the menu on the left side, click on Moderate, then Messages to see what message(s) need to be approved. You will see the message(s) in the middle of your screen. These are the messages that need to be reviewed to be distributed to the list, or should be rejected.

Clicking on the "eye" iconto review what the message says. You then have the option to either Distribute or Reject the message.

Note:The moderator of the list will not get a copy of the email, unless the moderator is also subscribed to the list.