Initiated in the mid-1960s,this program hasserved as a model for other IUP departments.Hundreds of IUP students have served in internships at the federal, state, and local levels of government, as well as a variety of organizations, such as interest groups and law firms.

Although an internship is not required to complete a degree in Political Science, it is strongly recommended.Students who successfully complete internships have a number of advantages, including the following:

  • Specialized skills and knowledge
  • Awareness of the types of careers available after graduation
  • A network of people in the field
  • A valuable entry for your rsum

Internship requirements forall students:

  • 40 hours of internship activity for each hour of internship credit
  • Internship journal documenting activity on a daily basis
  • Internship project

For a detailed explanation of the internship program and the application process, see the Political Science Department's Internship Handbook, Part I, and the Internship Handbook, Part II.

All Political Science internships are coordinated and supervised by Professor Sarah Wheeler.

Undergraduate Catalog

Handbook, Part II

Internship handbook for Political Science majors

Handbook, Part I

Internship handbook for Political Science majors.

Internship Forms

List of all Political Science internship forms