Health and Wellness Living-Learning Community

The Health and Wellness Living-Learning Community is located in Suites on Maple East.

Health and Wellness LLC LogoLLC highlights

  • Share experiences with fellow residents and upperclassmen in your college/major.
  • Join the Students Opting for Alcohol and Drug Responsibility (SOAR) club in the SOAR Spot, located on the second floor and work with them to have substance-free fun and take advantage of student leadership opportunities.
  • Access to specialized equipment in your hall.
    • The Health and Wellness Resource room that has items for various health and wellness related majors, including a full-size skeleton, anatomically correct torso, scale, and blood pressure cuff.
    • Relax, be still, and explore your mind in our Mindfulness resource room. There are pillows, a stereo, and computer to assist you in your mental exploration.

Clusters in this LLC

  • Wellness: Provides an environment for students to make healthy lifestyle choices while supporting their well-being
  • Food and Nutrition: Bring and expand your knowledge outside the classroom with others of similar interests through activities within Maple East
  • Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science: Network with your peers while learning about promoting health, fitness, and physical activity
  • Mindfulness: With access to the Mindfulness resource room, students can learn and practice ways to reduce stress and increase confidence while fostering a more compassionate attitude toward themselves and others
  • Nursing and Allied Health: Allows those in the field to continue their education outside the classroom through various initiatives and access to specialized equipment

Resource Room list

Health and Wellness Partners

Pao Ying Lin Hsiao

Department of Food and Nutrition

Sally McCombie

Department of Health and Human Services

Nicole Dann-Payne

Department of Food and Nutrition

Kim Weiner

Counseling Center

Ann Sesti

Student Wellness and Engagement

Sara Dillon

Health and Wellness Promotion

Stephanie Taylor-Davis

Department of Food and Nutrition

Susan Graham

Clinical Case Manager

Elaine Little

Department of Nursing and Allied Health

Jennifer McCroskey

The Haven Project