Cook Honors College Staff

  • Dr. Caleb Finegan, Director

    138 Whitmyre Hall

    Caleb Finegan

    Kevin Berezansky, Associate Director

    “Free to question, our students develop the habit of mind to recognize and define problems, identify arguments on all sides of an issue, and use relevant data to arrive at a carefully reasoned judgment when analyzing problems. No assumption is left unquestioned, no bias unexplored. The question ‘What, therefore, should I do?’ ensures that thinking is not merely an end unto itself, but the basis for a philosophy of engagement with others. As a former high school English teacher, I would steal everything done here if I ever returned to the classroom. If college is more than just job training to you, this is the place to be educated.”

    141 Whitmyre Hall

    Kevin Berezansky

    Lisa Halmes, Administrative Assistant

    136 Whitmyre Hall

    Lisa Halmes