If a person outside the APSCUF bargaining unit (i.e., anyone who is not a PASSHE faculty member) is asked to serve on a dissertation committee, the department faculty must vote and agree to the rationale of asking the outside person to serve as a reader.

After the department approves, the outside reader should complete an InfoReady application requesting eligibility to serve as the third or fourth committee member for students’ dissertations within their expertise field, when requested.

When completing the InfoReady application, the outside reader should provide a brief explanation of expertise and qualifications to serve as a third or fourth reader on a doctoral dissertation committee. The InfoReady application will be reviewed by the graduate coordinator, School of Graduate Studies and Research, and an APSCUF representative.

Note: Eligibility approval will be for a five-year term.

After approval is awarded, outside readers can use this following link to review RTAF submitted by a student.