Process to Request Approval for an Outside Reader on a Dissertation Committee

If a person outside the APSCUF bargaining unit (i.e., anyone who is not a PASSHE faculty member) is asked to serve on a dissertation committee, the department faculty must vote and agree to the rationale of asking the outside person to serve as a reader.

After the department approves, send a request and a curriculum vita to the APSCUF co-chair of the University-Wide Graduate Committee (currently Jennifer Gossett at, and copy in the Thesis/Dissertation Office of the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

Electronic submissions are preferred (Word or .pdf format), but if that is not practical, a hard copy can be sent to Brenda Boal, School of Graduate Studies and Research, 120 Stright Hall.

The request should come from either the department chair or graduate coordinator listing the student's name, dissertation committee chairperson, and the rationale for requesting a reader from outside the department.

The APSCUF co-chair will ask that it be placed on the agenda of the next Meet and Discuss Committee meeting. View the Meet and Discuss schedule. It is highly recommended that requests for Outside Reader approval be submitted as early as possible