Purchasing Card

IUP's Purchasing Card program is designed to improve efficiency in the processing of high volume, low dollar purchases. The Purchasing Card must be used in lieu of a Purchase Requisition when the total cost of the commodities being purchased is $500 or less.

The Purchasing Card is to be used for merchandise, not services. There are restrictions on the use of the card; for example, you cannot use the Purchasing Card to purchase gifts, food, or entertainment. Please refer to the IUP Purchasing Card Document for more details.

The Purchasing Card program will do the following:

  • Reduce the use of departmental purchase requisitions and purchase orders in procuring appropriate items with a cost of $1,000 or less
  • Eliminate the need for petty cash accounts held by departments
  • Reduce paperwork and provide an additional avenue for procuring high volume, low dollar items
  • Allow cardholders the ability to initiate transactions by telephone, fax, or Internet, within the limits of this policy

The Purchasing Card program is for official university purchases only.

Purchasing Card Help

For assistance with obtaining Purchasing Cards, address changes, department changes, cancellation of cards, and training sessions, contact Lora Lee Bertig (llbertig@iup.edu), Clark Hall, Room B31, 724-357-7701.

For assistance with monthly documentation, contact Chris Patterson (cpatter@iup.edu), Clark Hall, Room B18, 724-357-5567.

Bank of America Cardholder Support: 1-888-449-2273

Review and reconcile transactions

Purchasing Cards Documents and Forms

Instructions for Electronic Submission of Monthly Purchasing Card Documentation

Beginning with the September 2020 billing cycle, all Purchasing Card Transaction Logs, BOA Statement of Accounts, and receipts will only be accepted electronically.  Please follow these instructions to submit your monthly documentation.

Bank of America 2023 Commercial Card Cycle Dates

Table showing billing cycles of IUP Bank of America Purchasing Card

IUP Purchasing Card Training Manual

Presentation on the use of IUP's Purchasing Card

IUP Purchasing Card Program Procedural Guidelines

Instructions for obtaining a card, record keeping, and more

IUP Purchasing Card Document

Limits, acceptable uses, and definitions of the IUP Purchasing Card Program

Reviewing Transactions and Making Comments in Works

Instructions for reviewing your transactions and adding comments in Works

Scheduling and Running a Report in Works

Instructions for scheduling and running your statement of account report in Works

Purchasing Card Enrollment Form

Form needed to enroll in the Purchasing Card program or make changes

Purchasing Cardholder Agreement Form

Form to be completed and signed when you are issued your card

Missing Receipt Form

Form to use when missing a Purchasing Card receipt

PA Exemption Certificate

Form to present to vendor when making a purchase with your purchasing card to avoid being charged Pennsylvania Sales Tax

Purchasing Card Transaction Log

Transaction Log for Purchasing Card

Setting Date Range to View Only Current Transactions

Instructions for viewing current transactions

Disputing a Transaction

Instructions for disputing a transaction with Bank of America