All items being purchased by the university which are identified as export controlled items must be inventoried, included in a technology control plan and periodically monitored to safeguard the assets. In order to meet these requirements, export controlled items must be identified at the time of purchase to be properly inventoried and monitored.

The "Export Control # (ECCN)" column on the Purchasing Card Transaction Log envelopes is for the capture and reporting of the Export Control Classification Number assigned to any items you purchase that are export controlled according to U.S. export control laws.

While technically every item you purchase is subject to Export Control Regulations, the majority of your purchases will be assigned to EAR99 - No export restrictions apply. For help in identifying restricted items which will require a different number, a listing of Export Controlled Areas / Activities can be accessed at Export Control Categories for guidance.

The best and most effective method of determining the applicable ECCN is to ask the vendor for the Export Control Classification Number at the time you are making your purchase. If the vendor cannot provide the number, please refer to Finding Your ECCN Detail for step-by-step instructions on how to find the ECCN for the item.

For additional assistance, please contact Christine Patterson, Accounts Payable Manager, at or 724-357-5567.