Accounts Payable Office Services

The Office of Financial Operations is currently closed to the public until further notice. You may still contact Accounts Payable personnel via phone and email. See the Personnel section below. Vendors may email invoices to

The Accounts Payable office is responsible for verifying and paying all invoices presented to the university for payment.

This includes all payments to third party vendors, affiliated organizations, and employee reimbursements. Accounts Payable is also responsible for monitoring the use of IUP's Purchasing Card and Travel Card.


Christine Patterson, Interim Director, 724-357-5567,

Sheila Brumbaugh, Memberships, Registrations, Enterprise, Reimbursements and Food Refreshment Requests, 724-357-5566,

Sandy Cribbs, Purchase Orders and Contracts, 724-357-2516,

Hannah Montgomery, Telephone and Utilities, 724-357-3874,

Carol Ramer, Travel, Check Processing and Purchasing Card Auditing, 724-357-2602,


Checklist to follow when submitting a reimbursement request

Checklist to follow when submitting a Travel Expense Voucher

Accounts Payable Frequently Asked Questions


Expenditures of Public Funds with IUP Operational Guidelines

Business Meeting Meal Reimbursements

When requesting reimbursement for a business meeting meal or refreshments, please complete the form below, obtain proper approval, attach itemized receipt and an agenda, and forward to Accounts Payable. Please note: Receipt must show exactly what was purchased and show proof of payment. Credit card receipts showing only a total will not be accepted.

Business Meeting Meal Reimbursement Request form

Please see Expenditures of Public Funds Guidelines, Standards and Limits with IUP Operational Guidelines - Section K, item 2. for Business Meetings with External Parties.

Food Service Requests

Procedures for Obtaining Catering Services or Meal Ticketsfunded with University Funds

Procedures for Obtaining Catering Servicesat the Kovalchick Athletic and Convention Complex funded with University Funds

Procedures for Obtaining Catering Services or Meal Tickets funded with Non-University Funds

Food/Refreshment Request for IUP Funded Events

Food/Refreshment Request for non-IUP Funded Events

IUP-Owned Wireless Phones

All purchases of wireless phonesmust be coordinated through the Accounts Payable Office at 724-357-3874.

IUP Smartphone Request Form

IUPWireless PhoneRequest Form (for non-smart phone requests)