I just received notification that my grant has been approved. How do I have access to the money?

A WBSE (Work Breakdown Structure Element) will be established for your award, and the approved budget will be posted to the WBSE. You will receive a memo informing you of the WBSE number and identifying a specific accountant in the Office of Grant and Designated Fund Accounting who will serve as your primary contact for financial management assistance on your grant. You should use this WBSE when initiating any spending for grant purposes.

I see the need for a change in the approved budget of my grant. What should I do?

Depending on the specific terms and conditions of your award, you may need to receive funding source approval on budget revisions. The grant accountant responsible for your project will assist you with determining the need for formal written approval and acquiring such approval.

I'm trying to complete the financial report for my grant project. Can you help?

The grant accountant assigned to you will complete all required financial reports and requests for reimbursement on your project, and coordinate the submission of all reports. As the project director, you are responsible for completing any required narrative and program reports.

I have money to deposit into my designated cost center (cost centers that begin with 4012, 4013, or 4016). What should I do with it?

Mark your cost center clearly on all funds (checks) to be deposited or on an accompanying memo. Take the funds directly to the Office of Student Billing in Clark Hall. Please wait for a written receipt. The Office of Student Billing staff will deposit your funds and record the revenue in your cost center. You will then receive an allocation in your cost center that enables you to spend the funds.