Chris Krahe"Economics is probably the most versatile discipline. The analytical frameworks developed in economics have been applied to nearly every aspect of human behavior and decision-making. As such, economists are some of the most influential figures in shaping key national and global policies, including climate change, free trade, energy, and health care. Majoring in economics provides a versatile set of tools to understand and analyze human behavior and public policy issues in almost any area of interest."
Chris Krahe '07, Senior Director at S&P Global Ratings in Chicago, Illinois

John Wygonik"My undergraduate degree in economics has prepared me for the real world in many ways. My advice is to really push yourself during your undergraduate career. Learning from faculty is also crucial to preparing yourself for the job market. Listen to their stories and experiences and feel free to pick their brains. IUP economics faculty were always there for me if I had questions and always offered priceless advice for life after IUP."
John Wygonik '16, Implementation Specialist at Catilize Health in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Alexandra Larch"You will be amazed by how you feel walking out of an economics class. First, you will say to yourself, Wow how did I just learn that?' and then you will say, How is it that I understand that complex topic so completely?' After graduating from the economics department and walking out of countless classes feeling like that, you will know it's all due to the amazing teaching abilities of the IUP economics faculty."
Alexandra Larch '16, Appraiser at Newmark Knight Frank in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mileah Kromer"I'm so thankful I majored in economics at IUP. The faculty were supportive every step of the wayfrom principles of macroeconomics to advanced econometrics to helping me plan my future. In my current position as a college professor and assistant director of a polling firm, I use the skills I learned at IUP on a daily basis. Everything I know about mentoring students and effective teaching I learned from the IUP Economics faculty."
Mileah Kromer '03, Director of Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center and Associate Professor of Political Science at Goucher College in Towson, Maryland

Neil Meredith"Economics is not just a discipline; it's a method through which to see the world. The analytical skills economics imparts prepare the students of today to confront the challenges of tomorrow. At IUP, the Economics Department guided me through some of the basic tools of economics. In doing so, the department prepared me to succeed in my post-IUP endeavors."
Neil Meredith '06,Associate Professor of Economics and Dana Professor of Business at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas

Jennifer Johnson"I started my IUP career as a marketing major. After having both introductory economics courses my freshman year, I decided that I would take the dual-Baccalaureate track. I'll hold to this day that this was one of the best, if not the best decision I made at IUP. Even though I took a job in the marketing field, I think my background in Economics helped me get the job and excel in my role. The skills I learned through my classes and research have helped me take a unique approach when planning strategies and analyzing industries for my clients."
Jennifer Johnson '16, Internet Marketing Consultant at WebFX in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania