How to Request an IUP Fleet Vehicle

  • The Fleet Vehicle Program is a service provided by the university with the intention of simplifying the process of travel, when required, for our students, faculty, and staff.

    Before an employee can request a fleet vehicle, the operator must possess a valid driver’s license and understand that the use of the fleet vehicle must be for official university business.

    How to Request an IUP Fleet Vehicle

    Using the Online Vehicle Request system, fill out the Request for use of University Vehicle form in MyIUP. Requests must be received by the Automotive Office, Robertshaw Facility, Room 4, at least three working days prior to the scheduled departure date.

    • Clearly specify the type of vehicle required. The Automotive Department has sedans, seven-passenger, and twelve-passenger vehicles.
    • Changes in your request, such as departure time, departure date, or cancellation, should be coordinated with the Automotive Office at extension 2716 as soon as you are aware of them.
    • The Automotive Department will assign fleet vehicles in accordance with the approved priority system:
      • Faculty members teaching off campus
      • Recruiters
      • Student supervision
      • General — all other official business travel

    How to Acquire an IUP Fleet Vehicle

    Vehicles will be dispatched at the Robertshaw Facility, 650 South 13th Street.

    You may pick up your fleet vehicle anytime between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on weekdays and 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. The Automotive Office is closed on Sunday. Operators must be prepared to show a valid driver’s license. There is a dedicated parking area adjacent to the fleet parking area for your personal vehicle. You will be given a parking pass for your personal vehicle while you are in possession of the fleet vehicle.

    How to Operate an IUP Fleet Vehicle

    Operators are to obey all traffic laws, regulations, and speed limits. Any and all fines and costs resulting from traffic or parking violations are the personal responsibility of the individual incurring the fine. All vehicle occupants must be in the course of conducting official university business.

    In the glovebox of each vehicle you will find a plastic envelope that contains the owner’s card, proof of insurance, and a Voyager credit card. The Voyager credit card can be used to purchase fuel, engine oil, wiper fluid, and other minor items necessary for safe travel. Vehicles are fully serviced after each use at the Robertshaw Facility. When fuel is necessary on the road, use Self Service only; it is less expensive.

    How to Return an IUP Fleet Vehicle

    At the conclusion of your trip, park the vehicle in its assigned parking place in the fleet parking area at the Robertshaw Facility, 650 South 13th Street. Your vehicle’s space number is on the key tag as well as on the parking pass.

    1. Fill out the mileage slip provided in the passenger compartment.
    2. Leave fuel charge slips in the vehicle along with the parking pass.
    3. Be sure you remove all personal belongings. There is a trash receptacle for your convenience in the lot.
    4. Drop the vehicle keys in the drop box.

    What to do if your IUP Fleet Vehicle Breaks Down

    Minor repairs, such as tire or battery replacement, shall be done at the operator’s discretion and paid for with the Voyager credit card.

    Major repairs, such as transmission or engine failure, must first be approved through the Automotive office. If a major failure occurs during normal work hours, please call the Automotive Office for instructions. If the occurrence is during off-hours or weekends, contact the Campus Police for assistance.

    What to do in Case of an Accident

    All accidents involving personal injury or property damage must be reported immediately to the police department with jurisdiction at the location of the accident. The operator must fill out the accident report form (OA-541) contained in the glove box. This report must be submitted to the Automotive Office within three working days of the accident. 

    Be sure to obtain the following information:

    • The names and addresses of all persons involved.
    • The names and addresses of all witnesses.
    • The Incident Report Number from the investigating agency.

    Do not discuss the accident or give any implication of fault with anyone except the police, the Automotive Officer, or other authorized commonwealth personnel.

    If the accident occurs within thirty miles of IUP and the vehicle is inoperable, the operator must arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the Robertshaw Facility on campus. If the accident site is more than thirty miles from IUP, arrange to have the vehicle towed to the nearest service station. In either case, call and advise the Automotive Office as to the vehicle’s disposition. Be sure to acquire the service station’s name, address, and telephone number.