Active Capital Projects

  • The following list and description of projects is intended to give the reader a summary of active work being performed or planned by the Facilities Management Department. The projects are in various stages of implementation, but each description should provide information about the scope of work, the general status of the project, and the disruption, if any, that our campus community can expect with each.

    This list will be updated on a regular basis with major changes announced in IUP Daily. It is hopeful that this information will prove helpful as you plan your activities on our campus. Please do not hesitate to contact the Facilities Management Department ( should you require additional information regarding these projects.

    Location Project Scope Completion Date

    Campus-wide: Door Replacements This project is an annual project funded to keep entrance doors in good condition.  Each year, a group of doors is selected for replacement. 6/21                 
    Campus-wide: Annual Physical Plant Improvements
    This project provides the means to make incidental physical plant improvements throughout the year.
    Classroom Improvements This project provides means to improve classroom finishes (carpet, paint, acoustical, lighting, etc.) throughout the year.  9/21
    Environmental Health and Safety: Hazmat Testing Hazardous material testing for various needs (as needed--rolling project). 6/21
    Environmental Health and Safety: Hazmat Mitigation This work entails removing hazardous materials that are discovered during maintenance repairs or before small, in-house projects are started (as needed, rolling project).  6/21
    Weyandt/Walsh: New Science Building Renovate room 301 to accommodate modern pedagogy, renovate room 54 for electro-optics 8/21