In Front of the Meter Generation

An animation of the process of In Front of the Meter Generation

Behind the Meter Generation Animation

An animation of the process of Behind the Meter Generation.

Cogeneration Plant Animation

An animation of the co-generation process at the S.W. Jack Cogeneration Plant

IUP Natural Gas Cost Avoidance

The Natural Gas Cost Avoidance table summarizes the avoided costs realized from competitively bidding for natural gas commodity at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Moving Beyond Energy Expectations

Energy costs represent a significant portion of IUP’s operating budget. To minimize the budgetary impact of these costs, various cost containment strategies must be utilized to manage, control, and reduce the overall cost of energy.

Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute Releases 2015-2016 Utility Usage Report

The report provides a summary of IUP’s energy management performance.

Economic Savings and Revenue Realized

Information on revenue realized and cost savings due to energy management.

Energy Production

Reports on natural gas usage to produce steam to generate electricity

Sightlines Analysis

Cost of Purchased elec thru 2017

The historical cost of purchased electricity for 2008 through 2017.

Historical Utility Cost